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Want To Know About Wildlife Pest Control Web Design?

First, my name is Gregory Landry, and I am the Wildlife Pest Control Web Design owner. I have a degree in mathematics and studied numerous computer languages in college. My serious involvement with web development started in 1998 when Roadrunner Broadband came to Portland, Maine. At that time, I taught mathematics and computer science in Portland.

Seeing the internet powered up with broadband made it very clear the future of web development, and I threw my talent into the mix, though I never thought about Wildlife Pest Control Web Design at that time. I worked for several companies in Portland and the surrounding communities doing web development and e-commerce. I got several companies onto the internet for the first time, dramatically increasing their business.

The Website Face Of Your Company Makes The First Impression For Potential Clients!

Ten-plus years ago, I met Bill Elliott, the owner of Elliott Pest Control. I hired Bill to remove a colony of flying squirrels from the attic of my Carrabassett Valley home. Living in the  Western Mountains of Maine, these little critters are a problem, especially if your home has open soffits. Bill and I made a deal; I would build him a professional website in exchange for him making my cabin/home squirrel-proof. That was the beginning of our friendship, the gestation period for this website, and a massive increase in business for Bill since his website was absolutely behind the times.

Honesty, Quality, and Simplicity Is What I’m All About Wildlife Pest Control Web Design!

I saw a significant need for website upgrading in the wildlife and pest control industry. These small to medium-sized companies were behind the curve in adaptive, responsive, mobile web design, poorly formatted, and often displaying content improperly. Also, these sites on desktop viewing were having problems as well. So, I saw the need and have been attempting to meet it. As you get to know me, you’ll see that I’ve also learned a great deal about Wildlife Pest Control Web Design. But I’m still here for any company, small or big, that needs web development and Ecommerce.

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I Am NOT An Internet Marketing Advertising Agency

You must understand I am not an Internet Marketing Advertising Agency that uses Google Ads to produce a commission for myself. Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising does not guarantee ROI (Return On Investment) for your company. Most experts say if you are in a competitive business in your area, unless you’re willing to put up to $1500 a month for several months, you will probably not see a ROI.

When you think About Wildlife Pest Control Web Design, I don’t want to give you false hope that Google Ads will make you big money or get you at THE top page in a search if I set up Google Ads for you. Plus, Google Ads can be very expensive since it is a pay-per-click service.

If you insist on using Google Ads, I suggest you Contact Google Ads yourself. Talk with a Google Ads representative and explain what you want. If you need some advice after talking with a rep, I’m more than willing to speak with you about Wildlife Pest Control Web Design’s insights, but I will charge a consultation fee of $75.00 an hour. If you choose the Google Ads route, I would have to modify your website to have the proper KEYWORD(S) used in your Google Ad Campaign.

But, I can guarantee you the following: IN THE LONG RUN, a quality, adaptive, responsive, mobile website with Proper Organic SEO will provide the best opportunity for your site to move up in search listings.

Furthermore, don’t forget other forms of advertising on vehicles, radio, and TV, in local newspapers, magazines, and flyers may also pay off.

Learn About Wildlife Pest Control Web Design’s Capabilities

I offer complete website planning and design and more:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Work
  • E-commerce
  • Your hosting options – I suggest Siteground.
  • Organic SEO maximization
  • Social media strategies like Facebook and,
  • Suggestions about the paid promotion of your website.

I focus on optimizing the user experience when they get to your website and maximizing Organic SEO. Also, I make sure that your company presents to the public exactly what you do and don’t do.

What Wildlife Pest Control Web Design Cannot Guarantee – That You’ll Be #1 On A Search Engine

I can’t guarantee that I can get your company at the top of Google’s search list or any other search list – that would be dishonest! If there is little or no competition in your area, then possibly I can. But, time on the internet, your competition, and proper Organic SEO determine your position on a Search List!

To clarify, organic Search Engine Optimization (organic SEO) refers to unpaid methods, unlike Google Ads, to get the best possible placement on a search engine like Google. These methods are numerous and demand several skills that I have.

100% Customer Satisfaction Before Your Site Goes Live