Whether you realize it or not, your company website has numerous usernames and passwords. Your company website cannot function properly without you keeping a record of those usernames and passwords. These usernames and passwords will be needed by a web developer you may want to hire if your developer left you in the dust. All company website information should be at your fingertips when dealing with a new web developer.

Honestly, I am somewhat confused when interviewing a potential client who wants to update their website by how little they know about their website other than their domain name. But let me make this clear, I do not blame these potential clients. I blame their web developer for not providing them with all the important usernames and passwords associated with the tools that are the foundation of a company’s website.

So, even if you do not fully understand all the complexities behind developing a website, you should have the following information stored someplace. And if you don’t, start getting it now.

Your company website web host of choice: Siteground

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Your Web Developer Should Have Supplied Your With All Your Company Website Information

  1. Domain Registrar
  2. Web Hosting Company
  3. Website Platform: hand-coded bootstrap, hand-coded HTML5, a system like WIX with templated HTML5 websites, or a content management system(CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, or my builder of choice, WordPress, and the theme the CMS uses.
  4. Google Business Profile Manager
  5. Google Search Console
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Ads
  8. Google Cloud Console: used to index your web pages in Google’s search engine more quickly.
  9. Facebook Business Page(Now Called Meta)

First, all these associated areas have usernames and passwords. You cannot access these tools if you don’t have the username and password. If you are speaking with a new web developer, they will need this information to access your website’s current situation. And if you are getting a brand new site built from scratch, ensure you get the above information associated with your new site.

When I develop a site for a client, I ensure they have all the relevant usernames and passwords. If something were to happen to me, or the client is dissatisfied with me, the client has all the information needed to find a new web developer and supply them with all web-related information.

Your company website content management system of choice: WordPress
Your company website WordPress theme of choice: Elegant Themes Divi
Your company website Organic SEO tool of choice: RankMath

Many web developers never pass this information on to a client, and not doing so seems to me a poor business practice. Nor do web developers tell their clients that their website may need updating as much as three times a month, especially if a website is built on a CMS with a high-quality theme like DIVI and associated WordPress plugins.

So please, if you have a website built, make sure that your web developer passes on all the information I’ve stated above, assuming your site uses all those features, which it should in most cases. I guarantee you’ll have all the information you need in your name, not mine, if you hire me.

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