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SEO Search Engine Optimization Is A Must

I’m sure you have used a search engine like Google or Bing. Search engines produce answers to your search terms. When you perform a search, the search engine goes through billions of pages searching for your request. The search first returns relevant results. But, it also gives you results based on the popularity of the site. So the places that are at the top of the search are both relevant and popular. So how does your website become relevant and popular? Well, that’s a difficult question to answer. But there are a few criteria that determine both relevance and popularity.

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Website Time On The Web

Certainly, the length of time your site is on the internet matters regarding search engine recognition. You can’t put up a site today and expect it to be at the top of a search engine search. Hopefully, that makes sense to you, given all the competition out there.

The longer your site is on the web, the longer you have had to make your site’s content better, i.e., content relevant to your business. But then again, you have to try to get popular. So how do you make yourself popular?

How To Make Your Website More Popular for SEO Search Engine Optimization

There are some ways to make your website popular for SEO Search Engine Optimization. You can have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, you can advertise in local magazines or newspapers. Local Wildlife and Pest Control Industry magazines could be beneficial. And you could also place ads on your local television and radio stations. The bottom line: the more people that start going to your website, the more visibility your site will have in search engines. BUT A SPECIFIC PAGES CONTENT MUST BE PROPERLY MAXIMIZED BY A DEVELOPER FOR KEYWORD PHRASES RELATED TO THAT PAGE. AND I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

And Then There Is Google Ads(Google Search) And Microsoft Ads(Bing Search) For SEO Search Engine Optimization

Google and Bing have advertising services called Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.  You, as an advertiser, can bid on certain keywords or keyword phrases for your ad to appear in Googles and Bings search results. You pay for the service on a Pay Per Click basis. If your ad comes up from a search using your keyword(s), Ann Arbor Raccoon Trapping, and a person clicks on the ad, you get charged based on how much that keyword(s) cost per click. To make clear, you could be paying big money per click!

Yes, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising give you the ability to gain on your competition for the right price, of course. By outbidding your competitors, you can grab/steal their traffic and get more people to your site. But, that price may be too costly relative to the business you gain.

Personally, I DON’T like doing Google Ads or a Microsoft Advertising campaign for my clients. I am not confident enough that your Return on Investment is worth what I would charge. But, you can always contact Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising and speak to their respective representatives. They will help you choose the best keywords to serve your site. Once you get those keywords, you would contact me. Then I would construct the content around the keyword(s) you have purchased. But let’s not get too complicated now. One step at a time.

SEO Search Engine Optimization photo of google search

Yoast SEO and RankMath Are The Two Best SEO WordPress Plugins On The Market

  • Get more visitors from Google and Bing
  • Attract more visitors from social media
  • Increase your readers’ engagement

I recommend all my clients pay for Yoast or RankMath. I have my clients purchase this directly, and I install it. Yoast and RankMath allow me to maximize your site for SEO Search Engine Optimization and keeps me on my toes!

Good Ole Standard Tricks for SEO Search Engine Optimization

Yes, there are some basic “tricks” for SEO Search Engine Optimization. Again, I can’t get too technical, or you’ll go to sleep. You may be sleeping already!

  1. Every webpage must have a proper title with your keyword in it.
  2. Also, every webpage must have a description with your keyword in it.
  3. In addition, if possible, the WordPress Slug must have the keyword in it
  4. You must have a page with High Readability which means
    …You have a high Flesch Reading score(often difficult to achieve)
    …Sentences are written in an active voice
    …Consecutive sentences DO NOT start with the same word.
    …Numerous Subheadings to let the reader know what is coming. A few of these need to contain the keyword.
  5. Paragraph lengths should not exceed 150 words.
  6. Sections(headings with Paragraphs) should not exceed 300 words.
  7. Sentences should be short and to the point, ideally less than 20 words.
  8. Transition words between sentences help as well.
  9. Important Outbound links i.e. links to sites that are relevant to your company.
  10. Important Inbound links, i.e. link to pages on your website.
  11. Proper Keyword Density

Are you sleeping yet! I told you that this stuff is technical. 

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