My Blog Tutorials Have Your Back

Yes, I make blog tutorials for my clients. And why not? There is no argument that quality blogging has an impact on Google ranking. So, a person with a business online will certainly benefit from learning how to blog.

Many of Wildlife Pest Control Web Design clients have never blogged, let alone blogged in WordPress. But, many of those clients want to learn how to blog. And, the perfect tool for blogging is WordPress.

I Teach The Easy Way To Learn Blogging – By Videos

Hiring me comes with several benefits; teaching a client how to blog is one of those benefits. So, I have to think about the easiest way to go about making blog tutorials in WordPress. And I have the solution: Camtasia.

Camtasia easily records and edits anything that happens on my computer screen. I produce professional-looking blog tutorials that SHOW my clients how to blog step-by-step. Also, I can add effects, music, audio, titles, annotations, callouts, and so much more.

My Clients Love My Blog Tutorials

Making Camtasia videos for my Wildlife Pest Control Webdesign clients makes learning blogging easy and fun for them. Because learning at one’s own pace prevents boredom, the blog learning process moves rapidly.

Blogging at your wildlife and pest control business can boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a place to get valuable answers for customers and potential customers. But, blogging is just the first step. But fortunately for my clients, wildlife and pest control blogging tutorials gives them a boost up to that first stair step when I use Camtasia.

I Teach You Blogging Not How To Maintain Your Site

Using a sophisticated WordPress theme called Divi enables me to create a professional-looking website. But, I don’t teach you how to use Divi, nor do I show you how to program code or update your site. With my blog tutorials, I teach you blogging using the WordPress Classic Editor. This editor is very intuitive, as you can see below. You can’t create fancy posts with the editor. But you can create functional blog posts that your customers or potential clients find valuable.

Blog Tutorials Photo of WordPress Editor