The free business Google profile tool makes your business stand out. The tool is called Google My Business(GMB). You can easily set up a map of your business’s location and so much more. There is a feature to set up ads, as well. You will only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Get The Free Business Google Profile Tool Messaging APP

Another useful feature of Google My Business is an app that allows people to message you when viewing your listing. You’ll also be able to respond to questions and share information a potential customer would find useful.

Would you like to tell the internet world about your business using visual tools? Well, guess what? You can do that as well with the free business Google profile tool. You can set up a cover photo, add videos, and also add photos of the interior and exterior of your business.

free business Google profile tool Google My Business Icon graphic with link

Most people choosing to use this tool already have a website that he or she is trying to promote at Google My Business. But, if you did want to start another sister or brother site, you can do that within the free business Google profile tool. Also, you can get a second domain name for $12.00 a year and start promoting that site within GMB.

Many of my clients have WordPress sites. WordPress is the perfect Blogging platform that enables the owner to “post” pages of information. At Google My Business you can do posts similar to ones on a website blog. For example, a site owner may want to showcase a product or service in a post at GMB. Furthermore, he or she may want to talk about the price of the product or service in the post.  And that’s not all! Your post can describe that product or service.

Make the time to go to Google My Business, join up and play around with its features. There are plenty of learning tools available to help you get started.