As most of you know, the two most famous search engines people use are Google and Bing. Organic SEO is a procedure for optimizing your website’s code and images to help your site rank higher on these well-known search engines. The higher you rank against your competitors, the greater your site’s probability will be reached by your intended viewership first.

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Organic SEO does not cost you a monthly fee

Organic SEO does not charge you a monthly fee. I program Organic SEO into your copy and images based on keywords you hope someone will type into a particular search engine. Please note that Google Ads or Bing Ads are pay-per-click services for getting you to rank higher. These services can be very costly and not cost-effective in many instances, especially if no one is buying your product or services.

Organic SEO does not guarantee results the next day

Getting top placement in a search engine will not happen the next day – organic SEO takes time. There is certainly no guarantee that you will be outranking all your competitors. But, you increase the probability of high ranking if you have your site correctly setup. Therefore, your site ranking’s first step is determining the words and phrases, called KEYWORDS; your viewers use keywords when looking for your product or service in a Bing or Google search engine.

So what keywords should you choose?

First, think about the services or products you offer? What need does your services or products serve? It would be best if you considered numerous different and similar words that people may use in searching. One way to get ideas is to go to Kparser and type in a word or phrase that relates to your services or products. Remember, you know your business better than I do. So, you will have a much better understanding of what people might use to search out your services or products.