Maximizing Organic SEO Takes Time, Patience and The Ability To Research

I’ve talked about Organic SEO in an earlier post, so now it’s time to speak about Maximizing Organic SEO. You know, if you have been following me, I use WordPress to develop many of my client’s websites. And for each page on a client’s website, I construct the page around a ” keyword.”  My hope is someone will perform a search using that keyword, and that search will lead to my client’s site.  I use the WordPress software plugin called YOAST which tells me how well I’ve done my job to maximize the probability that the search will get to my client’s site.

Yoast Used For Maximizing Organic SEO And Readability

When constructing a website for a client, I must do more than make it look good. I also produce content related to a particular webpage’s central theme. Generally, there are many pages on a website, and each page has its own theme. A page theme could be “We Are Raccoon Trapping Experts.” Also, the page’s content must center around the “keyword” of that page; let’s say, “Ohio Raccoon Trapping Experts.”

Yoast for maximizing organic seo icon

This content of the page needs to be relevant to the theme. Also, I must write the page in concise and simple language. And, of course, I want it interesting enough to convince the reader to say, “I believe in this, and I’m going to buy what this company has to sell.”

Well, this is no easy task, and this is where YOAST comes into the picture. YOAST checks to see if you are adding all the right ingredients for Maximizing Organic Seo as well as READABILITY. Properly cooking a page with both these ingredients creates a higher probability that the page beats out a competitor and places high in a search.

The Yoast Checklist – I Love It!

Yoast checks for SEO quality and Readability. Plus, it does this automatically and informs you of content weaknesses. Yoast also shows flaws with orange circles and comments. And Yoast reveals strengths with green dots and comments. Maximizing Organic SEO demands I produce all green lights.

Below, I show my READABILITY score for my current content on this blog post page. Also, note you see all green lights. Great job on my part!

Yoast READABILTY score photo for maximizing organic seo

Now, how about my SEO score? Check the score below. Perfect job and look at all the green lights!

The SEO readability score photo

In Conclusion

I have shown you all the elements of Yoast’s Readability and SEO checklist. I love Yoast for Maximizing Organic SEO and Readability! And so should you! I always tell my clients to buy Yoast, which has a yearly cost of $87.00. Yoast is worth every dollar!